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Distance Facilitator Certification

“Every time I'm contacted by a new client to experience these codes and have the opportunity to escort a new being on this bio-spiritual path, I give gratitude to the Developers, Sol and Leigh. It is truly a privilege to be part of this work, and I'm forever humbled to witness the transformation of health and wellbeing that typically occurs even after the first set of codes are delivered in Potentiation. Life as once known in sickness changes quickly for my clients as this truly revolutionary form of 'ener-genetic' reprogramming to wellness consciously shifts bodies that have been waiting with bated breath for this energy and information.” Cheryl Diane,  C.N.C., A.A.N.C., N.A.T.

Since the publication of our do-it-yourself book on the Regenetics Method, Potentiate Your DNA, interest in certification in the various levels of this “revolutionary healing science” (Nexus) has increased dramatically.

As this work has become ever more international, there has been a groundswell of demand for distance learning. Now we are thrilled to make this possible!

Distance Facilitator Certification

Distance learning, which saves time, money and hassle, is the wave of the future—and for us at the Phoenix Center, the future is now.

Qualified individuals who have met our Requirements and Prerequisites (see below) now can become certified in Potentiation (Level I), as well as subsequent levels (II-IV) of the Regenetics Method, from the comfort of home.

Training in each level takes only around two hours. Trainees receive individualized attention through a one-on-one Facilitator Certification Intensive with one of the Developers of the Regenetics Method.

Computer Requirements

Trainees require a computer, laptop or other device with good sound output and a functioning microphone for communicating clearly.

A high-speed Internet connection is also necessary. (Satellite or dial-up Internet will not work.)

Since the training is done via Skype, trainees must also have a Skype account (which is easy to set up) and be familiar with using this convenient service. Use of Skype-to-Skype means the Internet telephone connection is free for both parties.

NOTE: In order to limit bandwidth overload and ensure sound quality, Facilitator Certification Intensives are done using Skype audio only. There is no visual feed during training. We have tested this methodology and found that it works very well.

Other Requirements

Trainees must be proficient in understanding and communicating in English.

A quiet space free from interruption is also necessary.

Finally, trainees must be available between 1 and 8 PM Eastern (New York) time on the day (or night) of their Facilitator Certification Intensive. Certification seminars require approximately two hours each to complete. Exact training times are decided on an individual basis.


Level I trainees are responsible for acquiring the “Mi” tuning fork from the Solfeggio scale, used in Potentiation. Levels II, III and IV trainees will need the full set of six Solfeggio tuning forks.

Both the single fork and the set can be purchased directly from the Phoenix Center for Regenetics below.

Prior to their first scheduled training, trainees embarking on their Regenetics certification process also need to watch and study our Potentiation tutorial video, HOW TO POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, available here for as a little as a one-month (cancellable) subscription of $19.99.

The third prerequisite for all trainees is to have read Potentiate Your DNA and practiced performing both in-person and distance Potentiation prior to the online course. In other words, this foundational work must be completed in advance of participating in the Level I Facilitator Certification Intensive.

Fourth and finally, trainees must have already experienced the DNA activation(s) in which they wish to become certified.

Benefits of Certification

Graduates of our online trainings will immediately will be certified to offer DNA activation to paying clients—both remotely and in person.

Upon successful completion of a Facilitator Certification Intensive, graduates will receive a physical certificate by mail indicating their level of training in the Regenetics Method.

Certified Facilitators also will be listed on our website. This will allow potential clients to have confidence when deciding to work with you.

Another ongoing service we provide is a private Regenetics Facilitators Group that represents an ever-expanding database on all aspects of facilitating the Regenetics Method.

Our philosophy is to create a mutually beneficial collaboration between us as Developers and Facilitators that fosters a professional working relationship and ensures the integrity of the Regenetics Method, while creating a turn-key business opportunity for Facilitators in terms of:

1) assistance in answering client questions;

2) marketing and facilitation materials; and

3) first-class website presence and support.

We take our role as Consultants to our Facilitators seriously and go “above and beyond” to encourage our mutual success. For a fuller understanding of our business model, please contact us to receive a copy of the Memo of Understanding for all Facilitators.

Training Schedule & Fees

All trainees must begin with Level I training in Potentiation, before moving on to Articulation (Level II), Elucidation (Level III), and Transcenion (Level IV).

Fees (payable upon scheduling) for distance Facilitator Certification in the Regenetics Method are as follows:

Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning: $1,099

Articulation Bioenergy Enhancement: $1,399

Elucidation Triune Activation: $1,399

Transcension Bioenergy Crystallization: $1,499

NOTE: All fees are nonrefundable. In the event of technical difficulties or unforeseen circumstances, fees can be applied to future Facilitator Certification Intensives or other services or products.

Schedule Your Facilitator Certification Intensive

Trainees will be accepted as our schedule permits on a first-come basis.

Contact us with questions or to schedule your Facilitator Certification Intensive today!

Training Materials

Listed below is everything you need, in terms of materials, to perform your own Potentiation and become certified. If you prefer to schedule your session with us, please review our information on Sessions & Fees.

Regenetics Materials

Professional Regenetics Kit (Paperback Version)

Order the paperback version of the Professional Regenetics Kit (includes paperback of Potentiate Your DNA, all six tuning forks of the already discounted original Solfeggio scale, velvet pouch, and hockey puck for striking) and receive a complimentary paperback of Conscious Healinga savings of $46.99. $273.99 + shipping

Professional Regenetics Kit
(Ebook Version)

Order the ebook version of the Professional Regenetics Kit (includes ebook of Potentiate Your DNA, all six tuning forks of the already discounted original Solfeggio scale, velvet pouch, and hockey puck for striking) and receive a complimentary ebook copy of Conscious Healinga savings of $38.99. $266.99 + shipping (Choose PDF, EPUB or KINDLE format below.)

Basic Potentiation Kit (Paperback Version)

Order the Basic Potentiation Kit (includes paperback of Potentiate Your DNA and the already discounted Mi tuning fork from the original Solfeggio scale) and save $5. Comes with hockey puck for striking. $63.99 + shipping

Basic Potentiation Kit
(Ebook Version)

Order the Basic Potentiation Kit (includes ebook of Potentiate Your DNA and the already discounted Mi tuning fork from the original Solfeggio scale) and save $5. Comes with hockey puck for striking. $56.99 + shipping (Choose PDF, EPUB or KINDLE format below.)

Potentiate Your DNA


In this masterful exploration of sound healing by acclaimed and bestselling author Sol Luckman, learn how to activate your genetic potential—in a single, thirty-minute session! Besides teaching you a leading-edge technique you can perform for your family, friends and even pets, Potentiate Your DNA provides a wealth of tried and true supplemental tools for maximizing your results and outlines a pioneering theory linking genetics, energy and consciousness that is sure to inspire alternative and traditional healers alike. 312 pages. $24.99 + shipping


Add to your cart and enjoy instant gratification with no shipping charges! 312 pages. $17.99 (Choose PDF, EPUB or KINDLE format below.)

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The Phoenix Center for Regenetics welcomes your contributions to our ongoing research & development.

Many thanks & blessings for helping us help people actualize their potential!